The Last Quarter

The Pennan Inn,
The Pennan Inn, where they filmed Local Hero. A summer holiday destination.

What a year it’s been, there are four months to go. No one would have guessed the way the last twelve months have gone – that’s both on a personal level and with everything that’s happened with the Coronavirus.  

I’m just getting myself back into the swing of things creatively after a week away in Scotland. I’m not haste to get back to any form of work just yet – both writing and teaching. I have some down time before I get back to the day job and I have to tie up the novel that I was editing. The last chapter needs to be edited. Then I will sit down and read through the novel as a reader, and not the writer. 

It’s certainly been quite a productive summer, I have been busy with work and other things, but I have managed to achieve a few of things that I set out to do. The lack of commute and working from home has given me more time, I’m certainly not in the mood for getting back into the old commuting routine just yet and I’m hopefully that I can put off doing that for another few months. 

The Great Reopening

The Worker's Memorial, St Helens
The Worker’s Memorial, St Helens

Today marked the further relaxation of some of the measures imposed because of lockdown. I won’t say anything about my opinions of the government’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis, let’s just it isn’t favourable. To be honest I think the end of lockdown is going too quickly especially as the R number is supposedly increasing

The book and record shops are opening again. Yes, I know, that’s getting my priorities wrong. A world without book and record stores would be a poorer place. I have spent many an hour just browsing their shelves, usually followed by a coffee soon after. It would be the perfect way to spend a night after work or a weekend. 

Despite the queues around the blocks for stores like Primark, I can’t say I will be joining everyone. I’ll wait, I’m in no rush to get back to shopping in-store. I’m happy that I can now get shopping deliveries from my supermarket and the clothes I need or want I’ll get them online for now. 

I have been maintaining my lockdown of sorts. I have barely ventured out beyond the walks and when I visit my mum in her garden. I will keep on doing that for the time being. The record and books stores can wait for now.