About Me

Compering a We4Poets night in Manchester

My working day is spent as a lecturer. I’m a visiting lecturer at the University of Chester, MMU, Salford, AND BIMMManchester.

When I’m not lecturing, I’m a writer and freelance journalist. I completed a Masters in Creative Writing in 2016 at MMU. For my final assessment, I submitted my debut novel ‘The Difficult First Album’. That has been redrafted and sent to publishers and agents. I have a second novel, ‘The Twitchers’ that’s just been completed.  I hope to send it out to publishers in the next few months. 

As a journalist (and public relations officer) I have worked in a full-time and freelance capacity. 

Away from writing my interests include reading and listening to/playing music. I’m an avid buyer and collector of records. I can often be found at gigs whether it is reviewing them for several websites or attending them as a fan – pandemics permitting.

I’m also a musician. I play the guitar, piano and ukulele. I play in a ukulele group based in Liverpool. I have played with the group and solo at many festivals. When time allows. I’m also a songwriter and my novel ‘Difficult First Album’ has a soundtrack of songs that I have written that fits into the main theme of the novel. 

In the past I have even dabbled in stand-up comedy, the highlight of that, ahem, career was performing a couple of gigs at the Edinburgh Festival in 2018 

I’m also an avid reader and I like walking. Sometimes at the same time…well when I have an audiobook on the go. 

April 2021