NaNoWriMo 2013

Difficult First Album Word Doc

Given that I have signed up for a creative writing course, so far my writing has been minimal, to say the least. For that reason alone I have decided to get my act together by signing up NaNoWriMo again. 

Last year, I successfully completed the challenge for the first time; this was despite going down with a vomiting bug in the last week of the month-long challenge. That draft remains unfinished but will be returned too in due course. For now, I have decided on a new idea which goes under the working title of ‘Difficult First Album’ a concept that until now has been a title in search of a plot. That may be the case when the month is up. 

Ironically the plot/plan was formulated on the way home from the first session of my MA. I was jolted into action hearing how the other students had already written novels and had work published. The idea almost came to me as I walked back from the pub. In case I forgot it all, I jotted notes on my phone before I drove home. 

Most of those ideas I will be looking to develop as I draw together a plan for November. I am making use of a rare day off work – I’m on strike today (an official one I might add). So I have put the day without pay to good use by getting this together. 

So here’s to another month of nonstop writing and the same result as last year – minus the vomiting bug hopefully. 

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