Happy New Writing Year 2014

I have been reading a number of writer’s blogs over the Christmas period and they have all written resolutions as to what they hope to achieve in the coming months with their writing. Last year for me would have been a good year to have set out a number of resolutions at the outset, but I didn’t get around to writing them down. I have decided to follow the same course of action for 2014. 

Even though I didn’t get around to making any resolutions last year, I can look back on the year as one with some degree of success and achievement. 

My writing highlights for 2013 are as follows.  

  • Taking part in the Pulp Idol writing challenge in Liverpool.  
  • Starting my MA in Creative Writing
  • Finishing NaNoWriMo for the second time 
  • Attending a number of writing workshops and writing groups over the course of the year

I think if I was to formulate a list for this year, I would hope to achieve a number of these again this year but I would maybe add the following:

  • Attend a writers retreat. 
  • Write more short stories and get them published.
  • Continue to enjoy the MA in Creative Writing. 
  • Attend more writing workshops.

Here’s looking forward to a creative and productive 2014.

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