Pulp Idol ‘Firsts’ Launch

Pulp Idol Book Launch 2014
Pulp Idol 2015 Book Launch

Tonight was the launch of PulpIdol Firsts 2015, which included my chapter ‘Difficult First Album’. It was organised by the excellent Writing on the Wall organisation and hosted by Siren. Liverpool. 

There was a similar format to the final in May, and included six of the people who took part that night. 

It was good to meet up with the other writers and see how they were progressing with their novels. It was also good to hear and read the other chapters on the night also.

The physical copies were available, I had already downloaded the Kindle version earlier on in the week, and I was given a couple of free copies. I also picked up a number of others that will make good Christmas presents for friends and family. 

It is great to see my creative work published for the first time, especially in printed form. As I’m in the process of editing the novel, things like this are inspiring in attempting to get my novel finished.

Copies can be found in all the usual places. A physical copy is available from News From Nowhere Bookstore, Liverpool. 

Liverpool Echo article
Liverpool Echo article

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