New Year’s Resolutions

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Calendar 2020
The Year Ahead

I don’t normally set resolutions. Well, I don’t write them down that’s for sure. but the last few years I have had a few ideas in mind and I have let things slip. In fact, in the list that follows, there are a few recurring ambitions. The novel one definitely. 

So, with eyes on being more focussed in the forthcoming year here goes:

  1. Send out Difficult First Album to publishers. One final edit required (January) Look at self-publishing this in the summer if there are no takers with the submissions. 
  2. Record songs that are part of the project in demo form
  3. Finish The Twitchers 
  4. Learn songs on the piano (January) 
  5. Keep a journal
  6. More travel – home and abroad

I think these should be manageable the main one is certain to have something that is published or on the way to being published. 

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