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A shelf of unread books

It’s the summer, although it might not be noticeable given the recent weather, and it’s usually a time when the teaching and the marking subsides and I can do my own thing. Which is usually the more creative things; music and writing that I like doing. 

Before I can get on with doing that, I have had a sort out of the house. I have bought a few things to brighten up the place. I may even get the paintbrushes out and give the walls/ceilings a lick of paint. Needs must, as I have been come to notice the imperfections of the place more due to the lockdown.

I have also had something of a clear-out of a few things around the house. One thing that has not been culled is the piles of books and CDs DVDs that I own. The fact is that they have increased over lockdown. 

What is noticeable about the piles of books that I have is the amount of those unread. This almost accounts for three shelves worth of books to be read. I know I won’t be able to adopt a policy of not buying any books because as I type I know that I have a couple of books on the way to me via delivery. I haven’t got the willpower to not buy books. When I step foot in a bookstore again, I won’t be able to resist. 

 I’m slowly getting to the point where I am looking at the shelves and thinking that I will never get around to reading a lot of these books. 

Ulysses is on one of those shelves gathering dust. There never seems to be the time to sit down and read that. I know that it’s a big undertaking and I know that you have to be in the right mindset to able to do it. There are many others, that made sense to me when I purchased them, now I don’t have the desire to start reading them. I know I won’t get rid of them and the piles will keep on getting bigger.

You can follow what I have been reading over at Goodreads.

Here’s an interesting Radio 4 documentary on bibliomania

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